Are you satisfied with the compromise?
What are your views on the offer?
Do you have any further suggestions for the contract?
Did you notice if we missed anything in the main articles?
Would you change anything?
Do you understand what the contract is saying?
Did you read the fine print?
Do you have any questions about the contract?
What does section 4 mean?
Can we define the exceptions in section five more clearly?
Can we add an additional clause to make it more clear?
I like your offer.
I'm afraid I can't agree to this.
The most important reason for my refusal is article four.
May I suggest a change to the contract?
I propose we change the contract.
In exchange for increased pay, would you work more hours?
I think we should finalize the contract.
Let me make sure I understood your point.
Unfortunately, my hands are tied in this situation.
If you accept the contract, then please sign on the last page.
What's the catch?