Could I speak with Mr. Park?
May I speak to Mrs. Wood?
I would like to speak to Mr. Ramirez.
May I ask who's calling?
Can I get your name?
This is Hazel Scott.
Green speaking.
Would you mind holding for a minute?
I'm sorry, Mrs. Green is not available right now.
Would you like to leave a message?
May I take a message?
Could you call back later?
Could you repeat that, please?
Could you speak a bit slower, please?
Thank you for your call.
This is Hazel.
Is Hanna there?
Is David free?
Who is this?
It's Olivia.
Hang on a second.
Just a moment.
Sorry, she's not here right now.
When will Tyler be in again?
Could I leave a message?
Sorry, I think I dialed the wrong number.
Sorry, I didn't catch that.
Can you say that again.
I'll call back a little later.
I can't hear you very well.