What kind of food do you like to make?
I usually make vegetarian food.
Do you have any food allergies?
Are you lactose-intolerant?
Do you usually follow a recipe?
I'm craving soup.
I'm in the mood for some steaks.
Do you like spicy food?
Do you want to have something hot or cold?
Should we grill something?
Can we make something without gluten in it?
Let's grill some burgers.
Do you have the recipe?
I usually just make everything from scratch.
We have to heat up the oven first.
Could you peel the potatoes?
Can you slice some vegetables?
I need to cut the ham.
Should I start grilling the chicken?
Is the water boiling yet?
How many cups of flour do we need?
What kind of seasoning should we add?
Just add only a pinch of salt.
I can make a vinaigrette for the salad.
Do you want to grate some cheese over it?
Can you set the table?
These cookies don't have any nuts in them, right?
We'll keep the cheese separate from everything else.