Two tickets for the evening showing of Signs of Mars.
I'd like three tickets for Flower of Autumn.
Which showing would you like?
Sorry, but the showing is sold out.
Can I see some ID, please?
Snacks and beverages can be purchased at the front counter.
Enjoy the movie!
Please silence your phones.
What kind of movies do you like?
Do you have a favorite movie?
Who was your favorite character in the movie?
What was your favorite part|?
What kind of movie are we going to watch?
Who is in the movie?
Who's starring in it?
How long is the movie?
What is the movie about?
What do critics say about it?
What kind of reviews did the movie get?
My favorite movie is Flower of Autumn.
I love romcoms.
The movie is an action film.
The movie stars Olivia Sanchez.
The movie's about 2 hours long.
The movie is about a man rescuing his daughter.
The main character is named Elizabeth.
The movie didn't get good reviews.
Critics found the movie too long.