Looking to go apartment hunting? When you move somewhere new it's important to find a place to live as quickly and as easily as possible. Unfortunately, this can be challenging sometimes. Knowing key phrases and what to ask landlords, however, can make your search much less stressful.

Below, we'll introduce you to essential phrases that you can use while searching for an apartment. Take a look and prepare for your next apartment-hunt.

Looking for an Apartment: Renter

The following phrases can be used when talking to a landlord, landlady or realtor. Use them to describe what you're looking for and to ask questions about an apartment.
I'm interested in your listing.
I'm looking for a two-room apartment.
Is the apartment still available?
How many bedrooms are in the apartment?
How much is the deposit?
Are water and electricity included in the rent?
Does the rent include utilities?
Is the apartment rented fully furnished?
Could I come by sometime to look at the apartment?
How much is the rent?
How long is the lease?
How is the neighborhood around the apartment?
Is smoking allowed in the apartment?
Am I allowed to bring my pets?
I'm looking for a two-room apartment
Use the sentence pattern I'm looking for + APARTMENT TYPE to tell a realtor what kind of apartment you want. They can then search for open apartments that match your wishes. They might tell you something like Ok, we only have one two-room apartment available at the moment.
How much is the deposit?
A deposit is a certain amount of money that you have to pay only once when you move into a new apartment. It usually equates to a couple months worth of rent. This money is used by the landlord in case anything goes wrong in the apartment or you damage something while living there. If neither of these things happen, then you'll receive your deposit back once you move out of the apartment.

Looking for an Apartment: Landlord

Below, you'll find phrases that landlords or landladies may use when discussing an apartment. Many are answers to the questions in the table above. It's a good idea to learn the following phrases so that you can understand what landlords and landladies are saying to you.
The apartment has one bedroom and bath as well as a fully furnished kitchen.
Unfortunately, the listing was taken down this weekend.
The apartment is listed for students.
Rental insurance is not included in the monthly rent.
Rent includes everything but heating.
The apartment also comes with a parking spot outside the building.
If you would like, you can take the leftover furniture from the last tenant.
The lease is for one year.
The apartment building can get a little loud on weekends.
Pets are allowed in the apartment.
The apartment is only rented out to non-smokers.

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Practice & Record a Dialogue

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Good afternoon. I'm interested in your apartment. Is it still available for rent?en
Yes, the apartment is still available.en
Great. Could you tell me a little bit about it?en

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most essential English phrases to know when looking for an apartment?
  • I'm interested in your listing.
  • Is the apartment still available?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • Does the rent include utilities?
  • How long is the lease?
  • Rent includes everything but heating.
  • The lease is for one year.
  • Pets are allowed in the apartment.
Where do I find apartment listings in the English-speaking world?
You can search for apartment listings in lots of different places. They're most commonly listed in newspapers and on websites. If you are a student then your university can also help you find a student apartment. Another option is to hire a realtor who can help you, but realtors can be pretty expensive.