Do you enjoy watching or playing sports? Sports are an important part of many people's identities, and it makes a great topic of conversation. Maybe you want to talk with coworkers about the football game last weekend or want to find friends who enjoy the same sports as you?

The phrases below are perfect for these things and will help you discuss sports in English. Let's have a look and improve your language skills!

Asking About Sports

Here are various phrases that are helpful for asking questions about sports. Use them to learn more about what kinds of sports others enjoy watching or playing!
Do you play any sports?
What sport do you play?
How often do you practice baseball?
What's your favorite sport?
What sport are you a fan of?
Who is your favorite team?
Who is your favorite athlete?
Do you watch football?
Have you ever been to a professional basketball game before?
How do you keep active?
How often do you practice baseball?
By using the sentence pattern How often do you practice + SPORT? you can find out how frequently someone practices a specific sport. Someone would answer a question like this by simply telling how often they practice. Like this for example I have practice with my team three times a week.
Do you watch football?
If you want to know whether someone watches a specific sport, then ask them by using the sentence pattern Do you watch + SPORT?. They could answer in a number of ways. Here's a possible response to our example question I only watch the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Talking About Sports

Here we've gathered several phrases that you can use to talk about sports. They're great for describing your own interests and letting others know more about you.
I play soccer.
I enjoy watching hockey.
I have tennis practice twice a week.
I prefer watching sports to playing them.
I'm not very athletic.
I'm not very good at sports.
I saw the game live last weekend.
I'm a fan of golf.
I like to play sports because it helps keep me in shape.
Track is fun because it keeps me healthy.
I play soccer
If you want to tell someone what sports you play, then simply use the sentence pattern I play + SPORT. The person you are talking to would most likely respond with a follow-up question. Here is one example question Do you play with a team or friends?.
I enjoy watching hockey
Sometimes we don't actually play any sports ourselves, but still like to watch a specific sport. To tell someone what sports you like to watch, use the sentence pattern I enjoy watching + SPORT. Someone would most likely respond by asking a follow-up question like Who is your favorite team?.
I'm a fan of golf
Use the sentence pattern I'm a fan of + SPORT to tell someone what sports you enjoy. There are lots of ways somebody could respond. Here is one example Who is your favorite player?.

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Practice & Record a Dialogue

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What do you think about being more active, Ashlee?en
Probably not a bad idea. What were you thinking?en
Maybe taking up a new sport. Something that keeps me active and is fun.en

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most essential English phrases for talking about sports?
  • Do you play any sports?
  • What's your favorite sport?
  • What sport are you a fan of?
  • Who is your favorite team?
  • I play soccer.
  • I enjoy watching hockey.
  • I'm not very athletic.
  • I'm a fan of golf.
What sports are popular in the English-speaking world?
The most popular sports in the United States are American football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. In the United Kingdom soccer, which is called football there, rugby, and cricket are the most popular sports. Just across from the UK in Ireland another sport called hurling is also very beloved. Rugby is a favorite sport in both Australia and New Zealand, and hockey is the most popular sport in Canada.
What are some of the biggest sporting events in the English-speaking world?
There are many important sporting events in English-speaking countries every year, and each sport has its own big events. In the United States, for example, the largest sporting event of the year is by far the Super Bowl - a football game. English-speaking countries also take part in major international events like the FIFA World Cup, Champions League, and the Olympics.