Learn the dialogue

Listen to the dialogue while reading the text.
I'm thinking about getting a pet. Do you have one?en
I have multiple. I have a dog and two cats.en
That's unusual. Do they get along?en
Yes, they love each other. What kind of pet would you like?en
I'm not sure. I would love to have a dog but my landlord doesn't allow it. I was thinking a cat instead.en
If you get an indoor cat, you should get two so they can keep each other company.en
Oh, that's something I haven't thought about yet. Are your cats indoor cats?en
No, they can go outside.en
Did you get them online or from a breeder?en
I got all of my pets from the shelter. You should definitely go there too and have a look.en
That's a good idea. I'll go next week and see if they have some up for adoption.en
If you have any more questions, feel free to call me.en
Thanks for your help.en