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Listen to the dialogue while reading the text.
Hey Sarah. Do you want to play the new "Datacraft" with me?en
I didn't know you were into online gaming, David?en
I don't play much usually, but every once in a while there is a game that interests me.en
That's cool! I've been wanting to play Datacraft too.en
Have you tried it already? I just got it yesterday.en
I bought it already but haven't played. Once I start playing, I can't stop, so I was going to wait until the weekend.en
That's a good idea. Want to come over on Friday?en
Sure, Friday works.en
I have some more friends who play, I think. Should I invite them too?en
If your internet connection can handle it?en
Internet shouldn't be a problem.en
Then let's do it. See you on Friday.en