Learn the dialogue

Listen to the dialogue while reading the text.
Hello. I would like to rent a car.en
What kind of car were you thinking of?en
A mid-size one with automatic transmission.en
We have a mid-size Ford available if that works? How long do you want to rent it?en
Eight days. Is it possible to extend the contract if necessary?en
Yes, that is no problem. Just call us beforehand and let us know.en
How much is the car per day?en
It will be $75 not including insurance. Would you like to purchase insurance?en
No, my credit card company will cover the insurance. I would like to add an additional driver though.en
That's no problem, but it will cost an additional $10 a day.en
That's ok. The car has unlimited mileage, right?en
Yes, it does. Here is the contract. Please sign at the bottom.en
Looks good, thank you.en
You're welcome. Your car is in spot B32 and have a nice day.en