Learn the dialog

Listen to the dialogue while reading the text.
We have to decide on the colors for our new apartment.en
You're right. What kind of colors were you thinking?en
I would like a mix of different colors for the apartment. Maybe some brighter or darker ones like green and yellow?en
Mixing colors can be very overwhelming, and you get sick of them quickly.en
We don't have to paint every room in a different color, but a nice green or light blue for the bathroom sounds nice.en
I would be ok with a lighter shade of green in the bathroom. What were you thinking for the kitchen?en
How about yellow? A nice bright one will put you in a great mood in the morning. Just like the sun.en
I don't know about that. But I guess I'm ok with it, as long as we keep the living room simple.en
What do you think about beige for the living room?en
Beige sounds good. And an off white tone for the bedroom?en
A white bedroom sounds really boring, but if it makes you happy, I'm okay with it.en