That was incredible!
You did a great job.
Your mom is the best cook.
You have a lovely house.
I noticed you are a really good singer.
Your writing really inspires me.
You have good taste.
You have a good head on your shoulders.
You're so smart.
That was a great idea.
You look fantastic.
I really like your coat.
I love your shoes!
Your hair looks really nice today.
That shirt really suits you.
That dress looks awesome on you.
That jacket goes well with your shirt.
I like how you did your hair this morning.
I really like your sense of style.
That's so nice of you to say.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
I appreciate your compliment.
I'm glad you like it.
Thank you! I love writing.
Thanks, I think so too.
Really? I never would have thought that.
I'm glad to hear that!
It's nice to see that you appreciate it.