How many are in your party?
How many are you?
Do you have a reservation?
I made a reservation for two at 6:00.
I booked a table for three for 7:00.
Can I get your name?
Your table isn't quite ready.
How long is the wait?
It'll be about a 20 minute wait.
If you want you can have a seat at the bar until your table is ready.
Please follow me.
Hi, I'm Hanna and I'll be your server for today.
Can I start you off with drinks?
Do you need a couple more minutes to decide?
What would you like for a starter?
Can I get you any appetizers?
What do you want for the main course?
Tonight's specials are a lobster bake and clam chowder.
How would you like your steak cooked?
Would you like a salad with that?
What kind of dressing would you like with your salad?
Would you like fries with that?
Would you like any dessert today?
Anything else?
I'll get that order in for you.
What is today's special?
We're not ready yet.
Can we have a few more minutes?
Does this come with a side salad?
Does this have any meat in it?
What do you recommend?
Is this a vegetarian option?
Is this gluten free?
Does this have dairy in it?
I'll have a bowl of potato soup.
I'd like a Greek salad.
I'll take a pizza.
Can I get a glass of white wine?
Could you bring us a bottle of red wine?
Could I get the check, please?
I'd like to pay.
Can I pay with card?
How was everything?
Can I get you anything else?
That's it for today.
Yes, could I get a slice of apple pie?
Thanks for coming!
Have a nice night.