Where are the ticket machines?
Where's the ticket office?
Can I buy a ticket on the train?
I'd like a single ticket to Los Angeles.
Could I get a ticket for the train to New York City?
What is the cheapest way to get to Washington, D.C.?
How much does a round trip ticket to Austin cost?
What time does the train leave?
Is there a later train?
What platform does the train leave from?
Do I have to change trains?
Is food served on the train?
How long is the train delayed for?
Do you know why there is a delay?
When would you like to travel?
Where would you like to travel to?
What kind of ticket would you like?
Do you have a rail pass?
There are ticket machines down by the platforms.
You'll have to change trains to get to Austin.
The train leaves from platform 9.
The next train is leaving in a half hour.
The train to Washington, D.C. leaves at 5:15.
You can buy refreshments on the train.
The train is delayed due to an electrical problem onboard.
The train is delayed for two hours.
Is this the right platform for the train heading to Chicago?
Which platform do I need for the train going to Washington, D.C.?
Which platform is our connection at?
The train arrives at platform 9.
The next train to arrive at platform 4 is the one to New York City.
The train is running late.
The train's been canceled!
Can I see the timetable, please?
First-class boards towards the front of the train.
All aboard!
Is this seat free?
Do you mind if I sit here?
May I store my luggage in the hold?
Tickets, please!
May I see your tickets, please?
All tickets and railcards, please!
I've lost my ticket.
I can't find my ticket.
Does this train stop at Los Angeles?
What's the next stop?
What time will we arrive?
We are now approaching New York City.
Don't forget any luggage and personal belongings.
Did you catch what they said over the speaker?
Where is the buffet car?
Refreshments can be purchased in the third car.
Could you watch my stuff while I go to the bathroom?