Good morning, how can I help you today?
I'd like to see a doctor.
I'm here for a check-up.
Do you have an appointment?
I have an appointment at 2:00.
I'm here to see Dr. Hayes.
Could you fill in your medical history on this sheet, please?
Please have a seat.
The doctor will be with you shortly.
What have you come in for today?
What symptoms have you had?
When did the fever start?
How long have you been feeling like this?
Have you been taking any medication?
Are you on any sort of medication?
Do you have any allergies?
Where does it hurt?
Does it hurt if I press here?
Could you open your mouth, please?
I'm going to take your blood pressure.
Your heart rate is normal.
Could you cough, please?
We need to take an x-ray.
We have to take a blood sample.
I'm going to give you an injection.
I'm going to prescribe you some medicine.
I want you to see a specialist.
You should stop smoking.
If it gets worse, call me.
You should be better in a few days.
Do you need to make another appointment?
Do you need a doctor's note?
Please call us if things get worse or if you have any questions.
Feel better soon!