What's the weather like?
Is it snowing yet?
How windy is it?
Is the sun shining?
What's the weather going to be like?
Is it going to storm?
How many degrees is it outside?
What's the temperature like?
How warm is it?
What did the forecast say this morning?
It's cold outside.
It looks nice out.
It's raining right now.
It looks like it's going to rain.
The forecast said it will rain later.
The weather is beautiful.
It's 86 °F out.
Be careful, it's slippery out!
It's so cloudy today.
It's a stormy day.
We're finally getting some snow.
It's absolutely shorts weather!
It's raining cats and dogs!
I hope that it won't rain.
I'm looking forward to when the sun comes out.
I'm loving this warm weather.
I can't wait for it to snow!
I'm freezing right now.
I'm too cold.
I don't like when it's too hot out.
I feel completely warm now.
I'm a cold weather kind of person.