Do you have your driver's license yet?
I only have my permit.
How many times have you been driving so far?
Do you know how to drive stick-shift?
My driving test is next month.
I have to go and get my license renewed.
I haven't practiced driving on the highway yet.
I always buckle my seatbelt.
Always keep a safe distance to other cars.
I always come to a full stop at stop signs.
Pay attention to all road signs.
You are not supposed to text and drive.
It's illegal to drink and drive.
I got a ticket for speeding.
We have to pull over for the ambulance.
My tank is nearly empty.
I have a flat tire.
Can you get the jack out of the trunk?
My right tail light isn't working.
The AC is broken.
My engine is making a weird noise.
The check engine light is flashing.
I need an oil change.