I'm interested in your listing.
I'm looking for a two-room apartment.
Is the apartment still available?
How many bedrooms are in the apartment?
How much is the deposit?
Are water and electricity included in the rent?
Does the rent include utilities?
Is the apartment rented fully furnished?
Could I come by sometime to look at the apartment?
How much is the rent?
How long is the lease?
How is the neighborhood around the apartment?
Is smoking allowed in the apartment?
Am I allowed to bring my pets?
The apartment has one bedroom and bath as well as a fully furnished kitchen.
Unfortunately, the listing was taken down this weekend.
The apartment is listed for students.
Rental insurance is not included in the monthly rent.
Rent includes everything but heating.
The apartment also comes with a parking spot outside the building.
If you would like, you can take the leftover furniture from the last tenant.
The lease is for one year.
The apartment building can get a little loud on weekends.
Pets are allowed in the apartment.
The apartment is only rented out to non-smokers.