When is your baby due?
Have you decided on a name yet?
Do you know if it'll be a boy or girl?
Have you had a baby shower?
How old is your baby?
Has she been keeping you up all night?
Do you have a babysitter?
Do you take your baby to daycare?
When did you find out your daughter was pregnant?
Have you started buying diapers yet?
The baby is due next month.
We're waiting to pick out a name until we know whether it's a boy or girl.
We found out we're having a baby girl!
We haven't planned a baby shower just yet.
Our baby is 5 months old.
I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in weeks!
We don't have a babysitter yet.
We're planning on signing him up for daycare once he turns three.
My sister announced over Christmas that she's pregnant.