Could you tell me how to get to the movie theater?
How do I find the city center?
Do you know how to get to city hall?
How do I get to the city park?
Can you tell me how to get to the market square?
Could you show me the way to the nearest bank?
What's the best way to get to the post office from here?
Where's the nearest supermarket?
Could you direct me to the university?
How far is it to Alexander Street?
Turn left onto Oak Street and then walk down to the end of the street.
Go down this street and then turn right.
The hotel isn't far from the city park.
If you turn right at the intersection then you'll see the library on your right.
Town hall is on the corner of Market Street.
The restaurant is right next to the old firehouse.
Turn left at the light and then walk about another 300 feet.
The bank is behind city hall.
Cross this street, then turn left and walk about a block.
If you take the subway for two stations then you'll be on Willow Street.