Can I help you with anything?
How can I help you?
Can I help you find something?
What size are you?
Unfortunately, this is the only size we have left.
How does the shirt fit?
How about this shirt?
Try this sweater on.
The shoes are out of stock at the moment.
The t-shirts are on sale.
That's $15 altogether.
Excuse me, can you help me?
I'm looking for a summer dress.
Could I try this jacket on?
May I try these shoes on, please?
Where can I try this on?
Where are the changing rooms?
Do you have this shirt in a smaller size?
I'm usually a medium.
The jacket is too big.
These pants don't fit very well.
This sweater is really comfortable.
I really like the color of this dress.
Does this blouse come in different colors?
What material are these shorts?
Are these shoes on sale?
How much is this shirt?
I'll take it.