I'd like to check these books out.
Can I sign up for a library card?
How much does a library card cost?
I forgot my library card.
Can you help me find a book I'm looking for?
Can you see what books I still have checked out?
Where do I check books in?
Can I renew this book, please?
Can I put a hold on this book, please?
Can I reserve a film, please?
Where is the non-fiction section of the library?
Are there any English courses held at the library?
Can I help you find anything?
"The Sorcerer's Castle" is located on the second floor in the fantasy section.
Do you have a library card?
You can sign up for a library card at the front desk.
Can I have your photo ID and address, please?
Books are due back in two weeks.
I've renewed your books for another week.
Let me check your account to see what books you still have out.
It looks like you currently have an overdue fine of $5.
Our children's program is every Saturday.