Where did you go on vacation?
How was your trip?
You went to Australia, right?
How long were you there?
How long did it take you to get there?
How did you get there?
What did you do in Japan?
What surprised you the most about Iceland?
What was your favorite thing about Vietnam?
Do you miss it?
Are you glad to be back?
Did you have good weather?
Did you get to meet any of the locals?
How was the food?
My trip was fantastic.
I was in Australia.
I loved France.
Canada was great!
I really enjoyed the food.
I loved the food there.
I was there for a couple of weeks.
I did a lot of hiking.
I definitely miss being there.
It's nice to be back home where my friends and family are.
The flight took about 7 hours.
We were lucky and had sunny days the entire vacation.
I met a couple of locals at a restaurant one day.
The culture was so interesting and different from ours.