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Good morning! I would like to make a reservation for a plane ticket to Chicago for tomorrow afternoon.de
Certainly. I will need your name, date of birth and address.de
My name is David Brown.de
Could you spell that for me please?de
D as in Delta, A as in Alpha, V as in Victor, I as in India, D as in Delta, space, B as in Bravo, R as in Romeo, O as in Oscar, W as in Whiskey, N as in November.de
And what is your date of birth?de
It's the 25th of August 1985.de
Thank you. And your current address?de
320 Market Street New York, 10445.de
So your date of birth is the 25th of August 1985, you live at 320 Market Street New York, 10445 and your name is David Brown, correct?de
Correct! What times do you have available?de
I have one flight at 9 am and another at 4 pm.de
I will take the one at 4 pm. Thank you!de
You're welcome. Have a nice trip.de