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Are you celebrating Christmas?de
Yes I am. It's a big deal in my family.de
What do you guys do? Eat together?de
The whole family comes together on the evening of the 24th of December and has a big feast.de
What about a tree?de
We also have a pine tree in the living room which we decorate during the day of the 24th. It's usually quite big with lots of shiny ornaments.de
That's really interesting. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas. What else do you do?de
We also go to church together for the midnight mass.de
Do you also put presents under the tree?de
Yes, lots of presents. They are all individually wrapped in colorful paper and brought by Santa Claus.de
Santa Claus isn't real, right?de
No, he isn't. It's part of the Christmas tradition to tell children that Santa is bringing the presents.de
That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing all this with me.de
No worries, you are welcome!de