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Would you like to cook dinner together?de
Sure, I'd love to. What would you like to eat?de
I was thinking maybe vegetable soup?de
I love vegetable soup! What ingredients should we use?de
I have carrots, onions, zucchini and broccoli in the fridge.de
Great! Then let's use all of that. I'll dice the zucchini and the onions. Do you want to prepare the broccoli and carrots?de
Yes, I'll do that. Should we add some pepper and garlic?de
Oh yes, that sounds delicious! We could also bake a baguette in the oven.de
Very good idea! How do you want to season the soup? With salt and pepper?de
Yeah, and with some chili, if that's ok with you? I'm really hungry already.de
Me too! Who taught you how to cook?de
My mother. She is a great cook! We always used to prepare dinner together.de
If you set the table, I will finish the soup, and then we can eat.de
Sounds good.de