Lerne den Dialog

Höre dir den Dialog an und lies dabei den Text.
First of all, I would like to express my dislike of this discussion. I don't like talking about it.de
I agree with you, but it needs to be addressed and we need to talk about it now.de
From my point of view, it's very disrespectful how they are acting.de
You know I share your point of view. They are disrespectful, but it's not that easy.de
I think they do it on purpose just to annoy me.de
I don't think that's quite right. They don't want to annoy you on purpose. They just don't have the same point of view as you.de
I suppose that could be true. But they keep making a lot of noise late at night, and I need to sleep.de
In order to solve this problem you should make an effort and explain your situation. Maybe they don't know that you are working early?de
I don't think explaining it will change anything, but I guess I could try.de
You can do it! You're good at making a point.de
I'll take your word for it!de