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I'm really happy that many countries ban the use of plastic bags.de
Why? They are so convenient.de
They are convenient, but they also create a lot of pollution when they are produced, as well as a lot of trash.de
I don't think a plastic bag or two really matters. They get recycled.de
If everybody uses just a couple of bags a week, then that makes more than a hundred bags a year.de
But so what? As long as they get recycled, then I don't see the problem.de
But they don't always get recycled, and even if they do, it uses a lot of energy. And plastic can't be infinitely recycled like glass.de
I don't know. I haven't really thought about it that way.de
Many people don't. That's why the ban on plastic bags is great. It makes people think.de
You do have a point. I guess I'm just too lazy to bring my cotton bags with me every time I go shopping.de
I just bring a big box. It's much easier to carry my groceries anyways.de
You are like my voice of reason. I'll have to make a bigger effort.de