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I feel sorry for the people living close to the ocean.de
Why? Because of climate change?de
Yes. With rising sea levels and more intense storms, they are in danger.de
I think it's a complex issue. In many places humans are also directly responsible for some of the dangers.de
What do you mean?de
For example through the deforestation of mangrove forests. The mangroves used to be a natural barrier against storms.de
I didn't know that. Where do mangroves grow?de
They grow for example in Asia. And lots of them have been cut down. People in these areas now suffer more from storms and floods.de
I see. I guess it's easier to just blame climate change instead of looking at the actual problem.de
But you are also right. They will probably suffer even more once climate change comes into full effect.de
Makes sense. Once the sea level actually significantly rises, they really have no protection.de