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Do you already have plans for your next vacation?de
I have some ideas but nothing final yet.de
Where do you want to go?de
I was thinking either Hawaii or Mexico.de
That sounds like a difficult decision. I've only been to Mexico, but it was amazing.de
I really want a beach vacation this time. I've seen beautiful pictures of both.de
They both have beautiful beaches. I think the choice depends on your budget. Mexico is much more affordable.de
I didn't really know Hawaii was that expensive. How did you like the food in Mexico?de
It was really tasty. Our hotel had a big selection and lots of fresh fruit and coconuts.de
I want to go with my boyfriend, and he is favoring Mexico too. He is interested in their history and the Maya ruins.de
Then you should go to Mexico. It's a beautiful destination, affordable, and there is lots to do.de
You're right. I can always go to Hawaii next time.de