Lerne den Dialog

Höre dir den Dialog an und lies dabei den Text.
Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful smile?de
Yes, I have heard that
I noticed it from across the room. How are you enjoying the party?de
It's fun, the music is really
Do you like this kind of music? Electronic music?de
I don't really listen to it at home, but it's good for
What do you listen to at home?de
I don't know. Usually rock and hip
I really like hip hop too. What's your favorite artist?de
I'm listening to a lot of Drake lately. What about you?de
Drake is awesome. It's really cool that you like him. I don't meet a lot of girls that like hip
His new album is just great. His lyrics carry a lot of emotion and
It has been really fun talking to you. Would you like to get together some other time? Maybe we could get coffee or dinner?de
It was fun talking to you too. And yes, I think I would enjoy a coffee