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Should we take the bus or the subway later?de
I would take the subway. It's much faster than the bus.de
Oh really? We are leaving around 5 pm. It will be rush hour and really busy on the subway.de
You're right. I don't really like being in the subway during rush hour. It's always so crowded and hot.de
I agree. The heat is terrible. Let's take the bus, okay?de
Is there a bus stop close by?de
There is one just down the road. And, if I remember correctly, an express bus stops there too.de
You mean number 8? Don't you have to transfer with it?de
No, it goes directly to Summerset. It won't even be that much longer than the subway. Especially with the new public transit lane.de
I totally forgot about that lane. Only taxis and public transport can drive on it, right?de
Yes, it opened a couple of weeks ago and works well so far.de
It's decided then. We are taking the bus.de