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Are you scared of climate change?de
A little bit. It's a complicated topic, and I don't really understand why it's happening.de
Me too. I've been reading a book about it, and the uncertainty is scary to me.de
Can you explain to me why the climate is changing?de
Scientists think it's because of the greenhouse gases humans are producing.de
What are greenhouse gases?de
Carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and many others.de
And what produces greenhouse gases?de
Many things. Examples are: driving cars, coal power plants, or factory farming. They cause an enhanced greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.de
What is a greenhouse effect?de
It's a natural process that warms the earth. The gases reflect the sun's energy and keep the planet warm.de
Now I understand. More gases mean that also more heat becomes trapped under them? Just like in an actual greenhouse.de
Yes, you are correct. And that's why the climate is changing.de