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Good afternoon. I'm interested in your apartment. Is it still available for rent?de
Yes, the apartment is still available.de
Great. Could you tell me a little bit about it?de
It's a two bedroom, partially furnished apartment with one parking space.de
How much is the rent and does it include utilities?de
It's $740 a month including gas and water. Electricity is separate. The security deposit is $1480.de
Are pets allowed? I have two small cats.de
Cats and smaller pets are allowed. But there is an extra security deposit of $400 in case of damage.de
That is no problem. Does the apartment have a balcony?de
Yes, it has one eastward facing balcony and it's on the second floor.de
This all sounds great. Could I come by and look at it today? Maybe around 5 pm?de
Of course. May I have your name, please?de
It's Ashlee Jones.de
Alright Ashlee, I will see you at 5 pm.de