Lerne den Dialog

Höre dir den Dialog an und lies dabei den Text.
Good afternoon. Do you have any openings today for a haircut?de
Yes, you're in luck. If you want to, I have one right now.de
That would be great.de
What are you looking to have done today?de
I would like a wash and cut, please.de
Certainly. Let's move over to the sinks. Do you have any preference for shampoo and conditioner?de
No, you can choose whatever you think is best.de
Alright, I need you to look straight ahead now for the cut. Where do you normally part your hair?de
On the left side.de
How much do you want me to take off? And maybe a couple of layers too?de
Maybe around three inches and some layers sound good.de
Of course. Would you like your hair to be blow-dried?de
Could you blow-dry it and also straighten it a bit?de
All done. What do you think?de
I love it. It looks great. Thank you very much.de