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Thanks for practicing how to drive with me.de
No worries. How many times have you been driving so far?de
It's the fifth time. I went driving last week too.de
How do you like it so far?de
It's still a little confusing, especially driving in the city.de
Even for me the city can sometimes be stressful with bikers, pedestrians, and traffic.de
Traffic is the worst! And one-way lanes. I always miss the turn and then have to go around the whole block.de
Have you driven at night and on the highway already?de
I drove at night but not on the highway yet. The speed is a little intimidating.de
Driving fast can be really fun, especially with a manual car.de
One day I would also like to learn how to drive a manual, but for now it is difficult enough to drive this automatic.de
Once you are comfortable with the automatic, I will teach you driving stick.de
I owe you. Thanks again Ashlee.de