Lerne den Dialog

Höre dir den Dialog an und lies dabei den Text.
Good morning. Do you have any vacancies? I would like to book a hotel
Yes, we have several rooms available. How many nights would you like to stay, and what is your name?de
Six nights for two people. My name is David
And what kind of room would you like?de
Two double beds with a balcony and lake view if
We have a room with a lake view available. Would you like breakfast in the morning?de
How much is the breakfast?de
It is $15 per person and includes coffee, tea, and orange
That sounds good, we would like the
Your total will be $660 including tax. How would you like to pay?de
Credit card,
Here is your receipt. You are in room 232 on the second floor. Do you have any more questions?de
Yes, is there free parking at the hotel?de
Yes, we have a parking lot behind the hotel on the right side. Please put this slip in the window on the passenger side. Have a pleasant
Perfect. Thank you!de