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How can I help you?de
I just arrived from Washington, D.C., but I can't find my suitcase.de
What flight were you on? FA 203?de
Yes, FA 203. I arrived about 40 minutes ago.de
Are you sure you were at the right carousel? FA 203 was at carousel 3. And did you check the bulky luggage carousel?de
Yes, I waited at carousel 3 the whole time, and there was nothing at the bulky section either.de
Okay, if it's not at the bulky section, it's probably just delayed. Most suitcases show up between 12 and 24 hours later.de
But I need my things. I'm here on vacation. I don't even have a toothbrush.de
You can purchase any essential items and file a claim, if we can't locate it.de
And how will I get my suitcase then?de
Once it gets here, we will notify you, and it will be delivered to your hotel. Please fill out this form for me, and be sure to hold on to this claim number.de
Thank you.de