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Have you heard? Sarah is pregnant again!de
I had no idea. That's great! How far along is she?de
She's in the second trimester, I think. I haven't seen her in the last couple of weeks.de
Do they already know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?de
They want to keep it a surprise.de
That's exciting. They already have a little girl, right?de
Yes, she just turned two in March. I bet she will be really excited to get a sibling soon.de
I remember when my kids were that young. They kept us up all night.de
Mine too and Sarah won't be getting more sleep any time soon either.de
We should offer to babysit her daughter for a night. That way she can take some time off.de
Good idea. She can come over to my place for a sleepover.de
I'll call Sarah tomorrow and offer some help.de