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Tell me about your family.de
I have a pretty big family. Two brothers and one sister and many cousins. How about you?de
Mine is small. I'm an only child, and only my mother has a sister, my aunt Hanna. What do your siblings do?de
My one brother Steven works as an accountant, my other brother David is a teacher, and my sister Hanna works in finance.de
I didn't know your sister worked in finance. Where does she live?de
She just moved away to Australia with her husband and my niece.de
She has a child already? How old is she?de
She is my older sister and quite a bit older than me. She turned 32 this year.de
I always wanted a big sister... Do you guys look alike?de
Not really, my siblings all have dark hair and blue eyes. They take after my father. I look like my mom with her blonde hair and green eyes.de
I look like my mom too. Do you want to see a picture?de
Sure, I would love to.de