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Have you heard about the "Fridays for Future" demonstrations?de
You mean the children and students skipping school?de
Yes, they are demonstrating for more political commitment and against climate change.de
I think they could also demonstrate without skipping school. They are just lazy.de
I don't think they are lazy. They just wanted to grab everybody's attention, and it worked admittedly.de
They should focus on studying and leave the big decisions to people who know what they are doing.de
I think you are being a bit harsh. It's their future as well, and they want politicians to do more for that future.de
But what does protesting against climate change even mean? They don't have any answers either.de
If you actually listened to them, you would have heard some of their demands.de
If you know them so well, then name some.de
They want politicians to commit to the Paris Climate Agreement or the coal phase-out.de
I still think they should grow up first.de
It's hopeless to have a productive discussion with you about this topic.de
Sorry, but it's my opinion.de